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Ubuntu 11.04 adds 17 brand new wallpapers

The winning wallpapers that will form the Ubuntu 11.04 wallpaper pack have been selected. 17 images make up the set – excluding the default desktop wallpaper, which you can see here – including the first […]

24 March 2011
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A truly natty narwhal wallpaper

We’re now just over a week away from the beta release of Ubuntu 11.04, but to keep ourselves pepped up in advance of the date we thought we’d share this neat Narwhal wallpaper for your […]

23 March 2011
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Our top five favourite entries to the Ubuntu Natty wallpaper contest

Like a creative version of Moore’s Law the quality of entries to the bi-annual ‘Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest’ just keeps doubling with talent. Check in for five of our favourite picks from the potential contenders…

16 March 2011
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Script to set the ‘NASA wallpaper of the day’ as your wallpaper daily

Reader Christian S. sends word of an automated wallpaper script he's written that helps alleviate boring background blues (with some help from NASA).

27 February 2011
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Android Honeycomb wallpaper pack

Some wallpapers from Android Honeycomb. Many of which look lovely on Ubuntu.

24 February 2011

‘Wallpaper Gallery’ is a Shotwell friendly wallpaper changer for Ubuntu

Like wet Gremlins snacking after midnight, there are some categories of apps where the amount of choice available borders on crazy . Wallpaper changing applications are very much of this breed, so what makes 'Wallpaper Gallery' - a new 'timed wallpaper changer' app for Ubuntu - more Gizmo and less manic Mogwai?

16 February 2011
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Real-time earth wallpaper ‘xplanetFX’ gets refreshed look

Neat real-time earth wallpaper renderer 'xplanetFX' has received a refreshed GUI in its most recent update. Here we take a quick look at what's been revamped and refresh your mind on how to install the app itself.

7 February 2011
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This is one gorgeous Narwhal themed, Natty coloured wallpaper

Ubuntu users missing the animal themed wallpapers of releases past should bookmark this page now in anticipation of April.

18 January 2011

HQ real-time Earth wallpaper for Ubuntu: XPlanetFX

Forever a fan of quirky wallpapers that break with the tradtional tedium that is static desktop wallpapers, I was stoked to come across XplanetFX - a real-time wallpaper that puts the Earth, Moon and Sun on your desktop in stunning high-quality. Eye-candy fans won't want to miss this.

4 January 2011
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Download every default Ubuntu and Fedora wallpaper in one pack

Grab every officially-shipped Ubuntu and Fedora wallpaper in one go.

3 January 2011
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Indicator-wallpaper changer anyone?

It seems there are more ways to change desktop wallpaper in Ubuntu than there are wallpapers. DesktopNova is another tray-based tool for switching between wallpapers but one which , thanks to Michael Otto, now has a shiny application indicator to control it with.

29 December 2010
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Five Dalek Desktop Wallpapers

We celebrate the most bad-ass evil being in the Whoniverse - The Daleks!

10 December 2010