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The Winning Lubuntu 11.10 Community Wallpapers

You helped choose them, and now Lubuntu 11.10 has them.

14 September 2011
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44 Community Wallpapers Shortlisted for Ubuntu 11.10

More than 40 community wallpapers have been shortlisted for inclusion in Ubuntu 11.10. And here's where to download them.

30 August 2011
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The Ubuntu 11.10 Default Wallpaper

Is this the default wallpaper for Ubuntu 11.10? All signs point to it being so....

29 August 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpaper Shortlist

A shortlist of 28 wallpapers, of which a dozen or so will be included Ubuntu 11.10 by default, have been revealed online. The bi-annual Ubuntu wallpaper contest allows anyone with a camera or a talent to submit images for possible inclusion in Ubuntu. There are some utterly beautiful entries in the shortlist; I don't envy the job of having to choose between them.

17 August 2011
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Linux Wallpaper App ‘Wallch’ Adds Unity Support

You're either into wallpaper, or your not. And if you are then chances are you're constantly changing it. Wallch is a small application that helps automate the wallpaper changing process, and brings a few nifty extras with it too...

17 August 2011
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You Can Help Choose Lubuntu 11.10’s Wallpapers [Poll]

Users are being offered the chance to vote on the community-wallpapers incorporated into the October release of Lubuntu 11.10.

15 August 2011
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‘Narwhal Meet Ocelot’ Wallpaper

The release of Ubuntu 11.10 might be several months away but ramp up the excitement anyway with this 'Narwhal meet Ocelot' design wallpaper.

12 June 2011
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5 Narwhal themed wallpapers

The default wallpaper of Ubuntu 11.04 was an iterative, if mediocre, affair. As it lacked the moniker mascot that so many users of Ubuntu love to see, I took to the interwebs to find five truly natty narwhal wallpapers that will make a splash - pun fully intended - on your desktop.

28 May 2011

Gorgeous 3D Ubuntu 11.04 wallpaper

Hands up if you remember those gorgeous 3D rendered wallpapers by insospettato we featured late last year? Well he's back with a new, nattier version...

10 May 2011
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Become a Natty power-user in no time using this Unity keyboard shortcuts wallpaper

With Unity installed and all set-up (see our list of ten things to do after installing if you're at a loss) it time to get 'comfortable' in your new surroundings. This Unity Shortcuts wallpaper, created by the ace Octavian Damiean, will orientate you to Unity's ways in no time.

29 April 2011
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This Neat Wallpaper Changes With the Day

Wallpapers don't have to be static and boring. We've written about Android-style live wallpapers, weather wallpaper and real-time earth wallpapers before but here's something a little less flashy: a gorgeous wallpaper that changes with the time of day

15 April 2011
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Ubuntu 11.04’s new default desktop wallpaper revealed

Drop your laser guns, volley balls and pan flutes: the default wallpaper for Ubuntu 11.04 is here.

24 March 2011