With less than one week to go until its deadline, the Ubuntu 14.04 wallpaper contest pool is overflowing with stunning submissions, all vying for a place on the default Ubuntu install image.

Ahead of the panel picking their favourites in early March I had a rummage through the entries myself.

Whether or not any of the choices highlighted below are selected for inclusion in the Trusty Tahr is beside the point; these are some fantastic creative snaps that are worthy of a place on anyone’s desktop.

1. boat2

boat2 by Christos Kyriazidis

2. Frosty Sunrise

Frosty Sunrise by Brian Fox

3. IMGP8932

IMGP8832 by Eduardo Diez Viñuela

4. Travel

Hot air balloon wallpaper
Travel by Goldenfox

5. Kingfisher

Kingfisher by Gilberto Fotos

Best Cat Entry

It’s a tradition of ours to also highlight a cat-themed submission. Why? Because cats are so dang cool, yo! Thankfully (yes, cos picking between cute moggies is always difficult) there was just one lone feline entry this year:

Red Cat by Hjalte Nielsen

But who cares what we here at OMG! think – which entries from the pool are you hoping make it onto the default image?

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