A shortlist of 28 wallpapers, of which a dozen or so will be included Ubuntu 11.10 by default, have been revealed online.

The bi-annual Ubuntu wallpaper contest allows anyone with a camera or a talent to submit images for possible inclusion in Ubuntu.

There are some utterly beautiful entries in the shortlist; I don’t envy the job of having to choose between them.

It might be because Autumn is prematurely in the air over here in the UK, but the following three submissions caught my eye. Here’s hoping they make it through to the final selection! (Click on the images to visit the authors Flickr)

Dybbølsbro Station Mount Snowdon, Wales Grass Wallpaper

The full shortlist can be viewed @ flickr.com/groups/1777695@N22/pool/

Let us know your favourites in the comments. 

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