KDE users are being asked to design the default wallpaper for the next major release of the popular desktop environment.

The default wallpaper of KDE is changed ‘every 2 major releases’ according to the KDE Blog. The wallpaper introduced in KDE 4.6, and present in Kubuntu 11.10, is ‘Horos’: –


For KDE 4.8 developers want to ‘a fresh style’, and for that the community is being asked to participate in a wallpaper selection contest.

Wallpaper submissions will be accepted until December 4th, after which submissions will be be whittled down to three choices. From this a panel of judges will select the over all winner to be used as the default wallpaper.


Submissions should be sent to nuno@oxygen-icons.org and must have “wallpaper2011” as the subject line inorder to be considered.

  • Wallpapers should be sized 1920×1200 or larger (additional ratios welcome)
  • KDE values must be reflected in the design – “Elegance, Freedom, and Ease of Use.”
  • Entries need to be licensed as LGPL
  • Photos entires are welcome
  • Winners will be notified when a decision is made
Via dot.kde.org
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