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Looking for some new Linux desktop wallpaper? Check out our wallpaper related articles for inspiration.

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‘Ubuntu Invaders’ Wallpaper is Retro Win

This wallpaper is cool. You should download it.

23 November 2010
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Download the default ChromeOS wallpaper and view the default screensaver

Who wants a bit of ChromeOS default art to brighten their day? You? Click on in.

18 November 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Diwali wallpapers

The Indian festival of Diwali/Divali starts today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone) and there's no reason why your desktop should miss out on the spectacular fun.

4 November 2010
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Generative wallpapers for Ubuntu: Game of Life

We love the idea of Generative Wallpapers - self-updating ever-changing backgrounds - here on OMG! Ubuntu! and, seemingly, so do you! Reader Aziz got in touch with a fantastic regenerative wallpaper of his own, inspired by an earlier article of ours on intelligent boot-splashes. Read on for more.

31 October 2010
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These two sumptuous 3D Ubuntu wallpapers are without rival

It's the start of a new week so why not give your drab desktop a dust-down? One of these utterly divine wallpapers created and sent to us by 'insospettato' should certainly do the trick.

24 October 2010
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Microsoft’s new spooky Windows 7 themes: use them in Ubuntu

Microsoft have released two new seasonal-themed ‘themepacks’ for Windows 7. With a bit of renaming you can easily grab the wallpapers inside for use on any operating system – including Ubuntu. The new Lightning theme […]

20 October 2010
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Change your Facebook login background with this Chrome/ium extension

Avid Facebook users bored of the dreary login screen can now customize it with an image of their choosing using the Chrome/ium extension ‘Facebook Refresh’.

19 October 2010
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Dual-screen version of Ubuntu 10.10’s default wallpaper

Dual screen users can now benefit from the beauty of Maverick's default wallpaper thanks to the following dedicated dual-screen version by Kyle Baker.

17 October 2010
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Android-style animated desktop wallpaper for Ubuntu 10.10

Want some Android-style live wallpaper on your Ubuntu desktop? Now you can.

10 October 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Wallpapers by John Baer

Several readers sent us a link to the following wallpaper by ~jbaer - and we can see why! Titled ‘Maverick Dunes’ and created solely in Inscape, the wallpaper makes a wonderful alternative to the default Ubuntu wallpapers in both Lucid and Maverick. Download link inside, kiddies!

6 October 2010
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Beautiful Fractal Wallpaper Grabber lets you snatch some beauty for your desktop

Looking for some gorgeously gruff geometry for your desktop background? Fractals are what you seek and the tool mentioned inside helps you to bag a boatload...

27 September 2010
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Lap up the lavish scent of Spring with these gorgeous wallpapers

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and curious lambs bounce around lavish green fields as winter draws to a close and the Sun's early luminescent rays begin to fill up the sky in preparation for summer. Enjoy these fine wallpapers that I found on deviantart over a hot mug of coffee and cereal this morning.

23 September 2010