No-one likes staring at a rubbish desktop wallpaper.

Unfortunately for Ubuntu its recent crop of default wallpapers haven’t been the strongest in its seven-year history.

So I decided to blend the ‘purple-ness’ of Ubuntu’s recent drapes to GNOME 3’s iconic “Stripes” wallpaper, and that found in the recent release of KDE Software Compilation.

GNOME Stripes

Long time reasons may remember that the GNOME “Stripes” wallpaper has been ubuntu-ized once before, but to be honest I wasn’t a massive fan of that version.

So I created my own version of it that is more to my tastes: –

It’s much more close to the aubergine colour used in Ubuntu.

You can download the 2560×1600 PNG from Picasa by clicking on the nice red button bellow:


But that’s not all – if you want to tweak the wallpaper to suit your own tastes you can grab the .XCF file (for use in GIMP) from here.

KDE Stripes

As awesome as the GNOME “Stripes” wallpaper is I’ve always been more keen on the KDE one.

So I also purple-ified it:-

Want it? Hit the red button below: –


Again, for those of you who are curious to tamper with it, here is the .XCF file.

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