Everyone loves a good wallpaper, and the endless awesome options to choose from.

For software Developer Robert Sarkozi photography os his passion. Like a lot of fellow snappers he uploads much of his best snaps to his Flickr account, where it sits hoping to catch the eyes of passers-by.

Unlike the aforementioned ‘fellow snappers’ Robert approaches things in a different way: –

“I like to shoot life as is, just capturing the right moment. Simple as that, no HDR, no post processing with expensive software, no cropping, etc. Just a little more contrast, from time to time;Photography in the camera.”

Rather than have them sit there unused and unseen he wants to ‘share them with people’, telling us:

“[People] can use them for wallpapers, for free. Let’s call it open-source photography.”

A quick perusal of Roberts photo-stream on Flickr shows that there are plenty ofeligibledrape candidates: –

let the wooing begin

lovers in the heat of the night


white men can't jump...like this

Frustratingly Flickr limit the resolution size of photos on “free accounts” to 1024 x 683. This means photos which will look great on netbooks lose much of their charm when stretched to fit a 23″ widescreen monitor.

Robert Sarkozi’s Photos | flickr.com/photos/robertsarkozi/


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