Meizu Pro 5
Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition has a fingerprint scanner

Ubuntu is to work on adding support for a new fingerprint authentication API in mobile builds

The feature would allow future Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition owners to unlock their devices using their finger print, and open the doors

A bug request by Canonical engineer Jonas G. Drange  suggest a fingerprint set-up wizard be added to the Security & Privacy section of the System Settings app on Ubuntu phone and tablets.

This feature, Drange posits, would “allow for setup of fingerprint authentication for use on the lock screen”. The user-flow would be as follows:

  • System Settings > Lock security > Fingerprint
  • “Fingerprint” panel lists previously recorded fingerprints, with “Add fingerprint” item at the end of this list
  • Record fingerprint section with  “Cancel” and “Next” options if recorded successfully
  • A code will be recorded that corresponds to a fingerprint, to be used if fingerprint auth fails n times

The feature addition is currently tagged as blocked due to the fingerprint API in Ubuntu phone being, quote, ‘non-existent’.

With the first Ubuntu smartphone to ship with fingerprint technology gearing up to ship this spring, and a burgeoning partnership with ConsenSys to bring biometric security identity features to Ubuntu phone users, one suspects a fair few fingers will be put to use to get an API fast-tracked into production ASAP.

How else would you like to see Ubuntu use fingerprint authentication? 

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