Would a working Ubuntu Phone port for the Fairphone 2 make you more likely to buy one?

That was a question posed by ethical smartphone company Fairphone to its community of fans over the weekend.

And the results of the Twitter poll they held reveals something surprising: 25% of Fairphone fans plan to buy a Fairphone 2 because it can run Ubuntu.

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While the interest Ubuntu is dwarfed by that for Jolla’s Sailfish OS, whom Fairphone is to partner with, the vote still serves as a positive sign for Ubuntu, helping to signpost a growing momentum that surrounds the open-source mobile OS amidst its upstart peers.

‘Happy With Community Port’, Say Fairphone

While Fairphone has, at the time of writing, no official plans to offer its devices pre-loaded with Ubuntu it says it is ‘happy with the work of the community’ port of Ubuntu for the Fairphone 2, spearheaded by Ubuntu developer Marius Gripsgård.

The company stress that this build, like community ports of Jolla and FirefoxOS, is not their work. “They are true community efforts,” notes Fairphone community manager Douwe.

The Fairphone 2 Ubuntu port is still at a very early stage. The only features currently said to work are graphics, touch input, and the ability to boot in to Unity 8. Critical features, including Wi-Fi, cellular connectivity and bluetooth, do not currently work.

On the topic of Twitter polls, we’re also running a Twitter poll of our own. We want to know if you plan on buying the latest official Ubuntu Phone, the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition smartphone.

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