Instagraph is currently in alpha

We reported last week that an unofficial Instagram app called Instagraph was headed to Ubuntu Phone.

Today, we’re pleased to tell you that Instagraph is here, ready for you to install on your own Ubuntu device and try out.

You’ll need a (free) Instagram account to make use of the app, and you’ll also need to be semi-okay with authenticating through a third-party API that is not endorsed by Instagram (it’s all handled in-app, though).

Refer to our previous post for more on the reasons why this app exists in a grey area.

Instagraph Alpha Out Now

Now, first things first, before you rush off to install or flex your snap-happy finger I need to stress that Instagraph, as wonderful as it is, is currently in alpha.

Or as the developer, Turan Mahmudov would put it: “very very very very … very alpha”.

This means bugs, missing features and less-than-reliable performance.

“This is just a preview version of Instagraph. I know which features are missing and which bugs there are. I am working on it” he writes in the Ubuntu Store description.

instagraph ubuntu phone screenshot
Viewing, commenting & liking

But it’s 95% better than the solitary Instagram web-app that Ubuntu Phone users have had until now.

Instagraph Alpha — What Works & What Doesn’t

I loaded Instagraph on the Meizu MX4 to see which features work and which are missing or broken.

As an alpha it would be unfair of me to offer a broad critique or assign a star rating to the app as it currently exists. So this is not a review.

But it’s equally fair that you know what to expect from the app (if only to not be disappointed).

I am a pretty big Instagram fan. I can’t say I upload that much on my personal account (and often forget to update this site’s account but I do, without fail, check the photo-sharing social network multiple times a day).

In fact, checking Instagram is part of my “smartphone reflex” when I unlock my phone (a Nexus 5X; Ubuntu Phone is not my daily driver, sadly). Muscle memory takes over and I launch the app to see what my sister/celebs/cats have been up to.

It’s great that I’m able to bring some of my habits over to Ubuntu Phone.

Features that do work in Instagraph (alpha) as of v0.1 include:

  • Viewing your home stream
  • Commenting
  • Liking images
  • Uploading photos that are taken using the app (see below)
  • Searching for users and tags

Features that are not working in v0.1 include:

  • Camera rotation is incorrect (on MX4)
  • All image uploads get squished to 1:1
  • Uploads from gallery are not successful
  • Uploading video doesn’t work
  • Viewing videos doesn’t work
  • Image downloads don’t work
  • Cannot delete an uploaded image
  • Unable to edit an uploaded image caption
  • Direct Messages do not work
  • Direct Message photos are made public
  • No profile editing support
  • Activity stream only updates at start-up
  • No background notifications
  • No settings


Not a missing feature per se but, as mentioned in our earlier report, Instagraph does not (currently) offer any photo editing features, filters, etc. A core part of the Instagram experience on Android and iOS, but one sadly (if understandably) lacking here.

Don’t expect to see support for the new Instagram features, like Instagram Stories, arrive in unofficial, unauthorised clients like this one anytime soon.

Download Instagraph

Instagraph (alpha) is a free download (~100kb) available from the Ubuntu Store on all supported phones and tablets. Just head to the Ubuntu Store Scope on your device and search for ‘Instagraph’ to find it.

Instagraph on UAppExplorer

A donate version is also available for $2.99/£1.99/€2.49 should you wish to support the development of the app. 

H/t Filip D.

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