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Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Introduces Ubuntu Unity-Style Search Feature

Amongst the multitude of changes shipping in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is a search feature that Ubuntu users will find vaguely familiar...

2 June 2014

Windows XP Support Ends Today …Sort Of

Today, April 8, finally sees Microsoft cut the cord on Windows XP after more than eleven years of support — or does it?

8 April 2014

Which Games Do You Hope Come to Linux First? will be bringing a raft of classic PC games to Linux later this year - but which titles you most hoping to see ported over first?

18 March 2014

Wil Wheaton ‘Not Crazy’ About Direction Ubuntu Is Taking

Wil Wheaton — demi-god to geeks, celebrated actor, witty chap and, more importantly to us, one of the most famous faces to champion Linux.

10 March 2014

2014 Ubuntu Community Survey Wants Your Thoughts on Unity

Pause that YouTube video and stop munching on that sandwich: the Ubuntu Community Survey 2014 has gone live, and your help is required.

6 March 2014

Why A Million Linux Music Players Is A Good Thing

It's a predictable, if understandable reaction. So, when writing an article on QupZilla's latest release earlier today, I was prepared to hear it.

27 January 2014

Ubuntu 13.10 Tweaks Dash Click Behaviour

A recent design change to Unity Dash behaviour in Ubuntu 13.10 has been met with irritation by early testers.

16 June 2013

Have You Taken The LibreOffice User Survey?

Both avid and casual users of Office Suite 'LibreOffice' are being asked to take part in a new survey.

26 July 2011