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What’s Your Ubuntu 19.04 Codename Prediction?

It’s that really fun part of the release cycle where we get you to try and guess the name of the next Ubuntu release! it could, at this point, be literally anything — but what do think the […]

19 October 2018
Broken GTK Themes

Should GNOME Drop Support for GTK3 Themes?

The GNOME desktop has a problem — and we’re (partly) all to blame. Most of us enjoy customizing our Linux desktop to suit our preferred tastes. A dash of colour here, a splash of translucency […]

16 October 2018
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New Website Claims Flatpak is a “Security Nightmare”

A newly launched website is warning users about Flatpak, branding the tech a “security nightmare”. The ‘’ web page takes aim at a number of security claims routinely associated with the fledgling Flatpak app packaging and distribution […]

10 October 2018
ubuntu budgie nimusoft deal?

Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 Looks Like an Essential Upgrade

Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 is released in October and it promises to be the best release yet. A raft of major improvements are touched on in the preview notes for Ubuntu Budgie 18.10, which spread its […]

28 September 2018
Snap app permissions

Snap Apps Offer Me A Lot of Control, And I Like That

Snap apps might not be everyone’s favourite Linux packaging format, but there’s no denying that momentum is fast gathering behind the tech, particularly from commercial app vendors like Microsoft. And one key selling point snap apps […]

25 July 2018
samsung dex linux galaxy

Samsung Launch ‘Linux on Galaxy’ Survey

Samsung asks users interested in the Linux on Galaxy, a project that brings full desktop Linux to Samsung smartphones, for feedback via a new survey.

16 February 2018
gaming on Linux

Which Game Do You Most Want on Linux This Year? Feral Interactive Wants to Know…

Feral Interactive is the company behind a stack of well-known Linux game ports and now they're asking which game you most want to see released on Linux.

23 January 2018
libreoffice mascot submissions

Voting Open – Help Choose the New LibreOffice Mascot

You can help choose the new LibreOffice mascot by voting in the LibreOffice mascot survey. The 7 most popular designs will then be put to another vote.

3 October 2017

Should Firefox ESR Be Available on Ubuntu?

It supports 'legacy' Firefox add-ons, ALSA, and browser plugins like Java — so why isn't Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) available on Ubuntu?

10 September 2017
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Snappy Sceptic Files Bug to Ask Why It Even Exists

The bug reporting infrastructure around an open-source project generally isn’t the best place to fish for a debate — especially when that debate poses questions of a rather existential nature! But if you’ve ever wondered why Ubuntu […]

17 August 2017
electron apps aren't bad

Seriously Folks, Electron Apps Aren’t That Bad…

Do you like Electron apps? Chances are you don't. In this post I list reasons why I don't think Electron apps are bad, and why haters should chill.

22 July 2017

Flatpak Apps Are Awesome, But Boy Do They Look Bad on Ubuntu

This week I installed my third Flatpak app on Ubuntu (the awesome GNOME Twitch 0.4, incase you’re interested) and it was an absolute breeze. I opened a terminal on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop, ran a […]

8 April 2017