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flatpak thumb

I Guess I Should Write About Flatpak, But I’m Finding It Hard To

I’m two large soya lattes into my day and I’m yet to write anything about the “hot topic” of the moment: Flatpak. So, I’ve decided to go rogue. I’m going to write for the sake […]

22 June 2016
bq m10 tablet hands on

Hands-On with Bq M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet [Video]

The Bq Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet is now shipping and the first “real world” takes how well the device runs are starting to roll in. Not that we haven’t had a good old looksie at it […]

15 April 2016
keep calm use linux poster

You Don’t Need To Panic About ‘Ubuntu on Windows’

Up is now down, down is now left, and Microsoft is no longer evil — but are Linux lovers stuck in the past?

31 March 2016

GNOME Devs Want Your Feedback on Network Manager’s CLI

Developers working on GNOME's NetworkManager tool are seeking your help.

11 March 2016
fairphone running android

Fairphone Fans Show Strong Interest in Ubuntu Phone Port

Would a working Ubuntu Phone port for the Fairphone 2 make you more likely to buy one?

28 February 2016

‘Frustratingly Slow’ — Read The Verge’s Verdict on the New Ubuntu Phone

The world's most powerful Ubuntu smartphone isn't impressing everyone…

24 February 2016

The Best Ubuntu Phone Rant You’ll Read All Month

Should Ubuntu Phone run Android apps? Sharp intake of breath required: it's a question barbed in contention and immune to indifference.

23 February 2016

Should Ubuntu Phone Ditch Debian for Android?

Former Canonical employee Jono Bacon has suggested that Ubuntu Phone should ditch Debian for Android — but do you agree?

19 June 2015

Why Siri in iOS 9 Validates the Design of Ubuntu Phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Apple's introduction of Siri Suggestions is more than flattering — it's a sign Canonical is ahead of the curve.

9 June 2015

Ten Years of Ubuntu — User Survey

Later this month Ubuntu will celebrate its 10th birthday, and to mark the occasion we're looking to find out more about what you think of it.

12 October 2014

Is iOS 8 Spotlight Search Similar to the Ubuntu Dash?

If you've played with iOS 8 you might have spotted a new feature in Spotlight that is very similar to a key part of the Ubuntu desktop.

25 September 2014
ubuntu smartwatch theme

With Apple Watch Unveiled, Could an Ubuntu Smartwatch Be Next?

Apple's foray into the wearable computing market is now official — but should Canonical follow suit with an Ubuntu smartwatch of its own?

10 September 2014