survey-tilePause that YouTube video and stop munching on that (dimwittedly or impressively constructed) sandwich: the Ubuntu Community Survey 2014 has gone live, and your help is required. 

Run annually since 2011, the survey is organised by Ubuntu community member Nathan Heafner.

The aim is to gather enough data on the opinions, trends and preferences of users to enable community resources and outreach to be ‘refocus[ed] where they are most needed’.

Noble in aim, and noble in action, too. The full results from the survey are published in the open for everyone to read, use and learn from. That may sound trivial but with no spinning of statistics, or fudging of findings to suit a pre-established edict, it’s a big plus.

Take the Survey

Completing the survey shouldn’t take more than three minutes, and no identifiable information is required.

Topics range from your choice of main OS to that of your preferred desktop environment; from your opinion of the default Ubuntu wallpaper to whether you shut off Unity’s semi-semantic smart scopes service.

In short, if you have an opinion about Ubuntu, Unity or the community as a whole then this survey offers the most fruitful place to register it.

Closing date is May 4th.

Ubuntu Community Survey 2014


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