A question for Geary users, new and old alike

If you’ve ever used the (frankly awesome) desktop e-mail app Geary, its maintainer has a question for you.

He’s launched a poll asking for your feedback on whether the app should switch to instant search and away from the single-keystroke commands it currently uses.

Not sure what either of those are? I’ll explain.

Instant Search is enabled in a raft of GNOME apps, including Nautilus. With the app in focus you can start hammering away on your keyboard to perform a search, no need to click the ‘magnifying glass’ search icon first,

Single-keystroke commands are even speedier shortcuts as they let you do things inside an app just by typing a single letter; i.e., without having to hold down the Ctrl key as well.

So, for example, in the latest stable builds of Geary you can press n to open the compose window, s to star a selected message(s), r to reply, and so on.

Both are, as Geary’s maintainer admits, “quite useful” — but naturally you can’t have both. Well, not unless you never intend to search for mails beginning with s, n, r, etc!

If Geary were to use one of these methods which would you rather it be: instant search or single-keystroke commands?

You can let Geary’s developers know by taking the following (very short) survey (you don’t even need to affix a stamp):

Geary Poll: Instant Search vs Single-Keystroke Commands

The results of the survey are not intended to be binding, but will undoubtedly help Geary’s developers seal their, er, envelope… deal… I can’t think of a decent letter-related pun to end on…

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