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Indicator Menus Re-Imagined – Unity-Style

Ubuntu's Unity interface has, to many, brought a refined and beautiful look to the often staid-looking linux desktop. And this is, largely, thanks to the colour co-ordinated Dash, Panel, Launcher and Notification bubbles; the well-tuned transparency balanced throughout; the attentive-accuracy of spacing, icons and hinting; the sleek login experience; etc.

24 April 2012
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Why I’d Love To See Pokki Come to Ubuntu

The weekend just past I fell in love with a desktop application - for Windows. The object of my affections? Pokki.

11 April 2012
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Tell Us How You Pronounce Ubuntu

To answer the question in the image above we’re not asking how it should be said but, literally, how you say it. So don’t think about how you think it should be said, or how […]

20 March 2012
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Spare 10 Minutes? Help Translate & Test Wallpaper App ‘Wallch’

A new version of wallpaper changing application Wallch is due for release at the weekend - but the developers need your help in advance. With new features set to debut, the Wallch team need some eager Ubuntu 12.04 users to take the app for a spin, and report any bugs they find.

14 March 2012
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Help Ubuntu Decide Multi-Monitor Launcher Use in 12.04

You can help the Ubuntu design team decide on multi-monitor launcher usage by voting on the poll inside.

8 March 2012

Stunning: We Love This Ubuntu Mini PC Concept

The allure of Ubuntu-branded hardware never quite fades, does it? Following Nick Rutledge's divine Ubuntu Laptop Concept comes this Ubuntu Mini PC idea by Lucas Romero Di Benedetto.

23 February 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Countdown Banner Contest Opens

The countdown banner contest for Ubuntu 12.04 is now open for submissions. As one of the most widely distributed pieces of pre-Ubuntu release media, the countdown banners provides creative users of Ubuntu with the chance […]

22 February 2012
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Does Gwibber Need a New Icon?

The icon for Ubuntu's default social client Gwibber is nice enough but could it be better?

10 February 2012
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Ubuntu Laptop Concept

Imagine for a second that an official Ubuntu-branded laptop existed. What would it look it? Reader Nick Rutledge thought about this question whilst he was mocking-up his dream Ubuntu device....

1 February 2012
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This Ubuntu Tablet Design Could Almost Pass As Real

Drip, drip, drip. That was the sound my drool made as it hit the ground when I opened my inbox this morning and found this slick Ubuntu Tablet Concept by Deviant Art user spiceofdesign staring back at me.

29 January 2012
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OMG! Ubuntu! Android App Broken

If you're one of the 14,000 or so marvellous mobile folks who use our Android app then you might be wondering where the hell we've gone. For almost a week now our dedicated Android app has not been loading new articles. Whilst we're figuring out of the cause of the issue (rather aptly it broke on SOPA strike day) we've pulled the app from the Android Market.

22 January 2012
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Ubuntu-related Xmas Gift Ideas

There are only 11 days left until Christmas is once again upon us. Whether you're stuck on gift ideas for the Linux loving folks in your life, playing secret Santa in the Office, or keen to add something to your own xmas list, the handful of ideas below might help.

14 December 2011