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A question mark in a circle

Got 5 Minutes? Ubuntu Wants Your Opinion On Something…

Got a spare five minutes? You can help the Canonical design out by filling in a questionnaire. The team is looking to “gather information about how people perceive colours and use Scopes.” The short questionnaire […]

21 September 2016

Learn a New Word Every Time You Open The Terminal

Learn a new word each time you open the terminal with 'sudocabulary', a command-line script that helps you broaden your vocabulary.

4 August 2016

This New Website Makes It Easy To Learn Linux

Want to learn about Linux? Check out this great new website. It offers bitesized lessons on how Linux works, from command line to kernel.

2 June 2016

How Do You Pronounce Ubuntu?

You all know the the word ‘Ubuntu’’ — and if you don’t, how’d you end up here?! — but do you know the correct way to pronounce it? Is it Oo-boon-too? Uh-bun-too? You-bun-too? Urgh-ban-too? Pedants will (quite […]

25 April 2016
gnome system monitor redesign

GNOME Has Big Plans for Its System Monitor Tool

How often do you use GNOME System Monitor?  I (thankfully) don’t. The only time I do is when a background process is going rogue… But if GNOME’s designers manage to implement a proposed top-to-bottom redesign of the app […]

14 April 2016
German Spiegel Review

Here’s How You Can Help Improve Ubuntu Phone

Got an Ubuntu Phone? Want to help make it awesome? Well, now you can - and it doesn't involve USB cables or scary terminal commands!

1 October 2015

Take the Developer Skills Census For a Chance to Win an Ubuntu Phone

Fancy getting your over-worked hands on a shiny new Ubuntu Phone and sounding off about the state of software development in the process?

3 June 2015

Need an Icon for Your Ubuntu Touch App? This Awesome Guy Is Offering To Help

Designer Sam Hewitt is offering to help Ubuntu Touch developers create custom-made icons for their applications.

17 February 2014

If Only The Real Ubuntu Boot Experience Was This Cool [Video]

Could Ubuntu's boot experience look slicker? One YouTube thinks so, and has created a video demo of his dream boot sequence.

20 August 2013

Ubuntu Touch Lock Screen Concept [Video]

Lucas Romero tweeted us his design concept for a lock screen he feels is more fitting of Ubuntu Touch. Check out the video demo inside.

4 July 2013

Does Your Ubuntu PC Look This Cool?

With a bit of imagination, some paint, and plenty of LEDs a boring PC box can be transformed into a terrific tower.

2 June 2013

Show Us Your Ubuntu Desktops!

Everyone's desktop looks different, no matter the OS. But on Linux the 'difference' can be as subtle as a panel drop-shadow or as drastic as an entirely new desktop shell!

10 May 2013