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New GNOME 3 Notification Designs

GNOME designer Allan Day has uploaded a new proposal for the handling of system and application notifications in GNOME 3. His 'Notifications Redux' design proposes moving notifications to the lower-left hand side of the screen. Most of GNOME's current notification features are maintained, including urgency, actions, and hiding.

6 December 2011
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User Story #1: Global Menus

This is a story about Pete and John. Pete and John both love Unity, but there are a couple of features that they would like to tweak according to their needs...

6 December 2011
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Ubuntu Mobile Phone Concepts

Ubuntu's plan for a multi-device presence, to potentially include smartphones, has fired up the imagination of users. And the community have been quick to stoke their creative talents in mocking up a variety of possible implementations. Inside we show off three of designs that have been mailed into us...

4 December 2011
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‘Foss Yeaaaah!’ – A Song About Unity, GNOME and Ubuntu

This is amazing. Benjamin Karensa was bored 'in the early A.M.' so spent 5 minutes recording a song about Ubuntu et al called 'Foss Yeaaaah!'. B. Karensa - please get bored more often. I want a whole freaking E.P. of this shiz! ;)

27 November 2011
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Should AOL Provide an AIM Client for Linux?

A new poll on Aol's 'customer feedback' forum' is calling for AIM to be ported to Linux. But is there really a demand?

27 November 2011

Citrus – A LibreOffice Interface for Today

Of the certainties in life, such as life, death and taxes, is the fact that LibreOffice needs a new interface. And that's not me be being picky, but supportive of open-source's premier office suite. The 'good news' is that LibreOffice developers know this and discussion towards overhauling the tired look of the application set have been ongoing for a while. Amongst the interface proposal currently being discussed on the LibreOffice mailing list is the modern-looking 'Citrus'.

24 November 2011
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Better Positioning Lenses within the Dash (mockups)

Another day and another set of Unity mock-ups. This time from the hand of Ubuntu user staticd, who wonders whether the position of the 'Lens bar' - which appears at the bottom of the Dash in Ubuntu 11.10 - could be better placed - could be better placed.

11 November 2011
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This Unity 5.0 Mockup Has Me Sold – What About You?

Yesterday we took a look at one users ideal vision of Unity on smartphones and tablets - but what about Unity on the desktop? The Unity interface has come such a long way in such a short space of time, and although Ubuntu 12.04 isn't likely to see too many dramatic chances in how it looks, many folks are speculating on ideal future iterations regardless.

9 November 2011

Ubuntu Unity Smartphone and Tablet Mockup

Canonical plans for Ubuntu to go multi-device, appearing on smartphones, tablets, TVs in addition to the regular ol' PC, aren't due to sneak out until Ubuntu 14.04. But Ubuntu user Ian Santopietro thinks you can't ever be 'too early' to start thinking about how the interface might look, and so presented his take on a multi-device Ubuntu's Unity interface to the 'Ayatana' mailing list.

8 November 2011
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GEdit Dash Plugin Released

Just a short update to those who helped Seif with Gedit stats earlier this week: his wdashboard overview start page for Gedit is available to download.

3 November 2011
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Logging into Ubuntu using Ubuntu One

Day 3 of the Ubuntu Developer Summit has kicked off, and one of the mornings sessions discussed the potential benefits of signing into Ubuntu using your Ubuntu Single Sign on ('Ubuntu One') account.

2 November 2011
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Seif Needs Your Help To Gather Some Statistics On Gedit

I am working on a dashboard (start page) for Gedit to make it easier for users to see their most commonly used files. We are not sure that for Gedit that "Frequent" is of interest for us, however before we take any decisions we decided to appeal to all gedit users who have been using Zeitgeist for over a month to use run the following script in a terminal via

27 October 2011