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Quicklist Window Switching Patch Proposed for Unity

An additional way of switching between application windows in Ubuntu's Unity desktop has been proposed by a developer.

30 January 2013
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Are Ubuntu’s Software Icons Confusing?

Are Ubuntu's icons for the Software Center, Update Manager and Software Sources inconsistent and confusing for new users? Some users think so, including Sam Hewitt who has posted a set of proposed replacement icons to the Unity Design Mailing List.

12 November 2012

Parallella: The $99 Ubuntu Supercomputer for Everyone

Imagine the pace of innovation, change and breakthrough that could happen if supercomputing was made affordable, accessible and adaptable to the average developer. It's a dream that isn't far from being reality with the 'Parallella' - a $99 credit-sized 'supercomputer for everyone' that has just over 1 day left to reach its funding goal of $750,000.

26 October 2012

Web Browser, Maps Embedded into Unity’s Dash [video]

Would you like to browse the web inside the Unity Dash? Or navigate Google Maps? Both are now possible in Joseph Mills', a prolific Unity hacker, hacked version of Unity 2D.

8 October 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Amazon Shopping Results to be Made Optional

Ubuntu's last-minute decision to add shopping results to the Home Lens of the Unity Dash proved controversial earlier this week - but is a compromise on the cards? A Google+ update from Unity developer Didier Roche seems to hint so

25 September 2012
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Should Ubuntu’s Minimize Button Be Vertical?

When was the last time you paid any attention to the icons used inside Ubuntu's window controls? No. Can't say I have ever done so, either. But then someone sent me a link to this image...

21 September 2012
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Chip in to Jono Bacon’s Birthday Fundraiser

Jono is one of the most 'well known' faces in the Ubuntu and wider free-software/open-source community. But rather than receive the usual glut of inflatable guitars, novelty underwear, and PS3 games, Bacon has opted for something more in keeping with the ethos of Ubuntu and Open-Source: charity.

17 September 2012

[Reader Help] Take This Short Ubuntu Beta Survey

Are you using Ubuntu 12.10 Beta? Whether you answered yes or no your input is wanted by one of our readers, Nathan H., who is gathering some stats on who does and doesn't use Ubuntu's beta releases.

14 September 2012

Does Ubuntu Need A Separate ‘eBook & Magazine’ Store?

Does the growing number of eBooks, PDFs and magazines on sale in the Ubuntu Software Center annoy you? I've recently begun to ask myself that question, and based on recent comments from readers I am not alone in doing so.

19 August 2012
Ubuntu TV home page

3rd Party Dev Adds New Features to Ubuntu TV [Video]

A third-party developer has taken the code for Ubuntu TV and added some changes of his own. The results are pretty stunning.

26 July 2012
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Will the Ubuntu Phone OS Look This Good?

News on the fabled Ubuntu Phone is scant on the ground, so users are using their creativity to imagine how it might look.

12 July 2012

[How To] Make The Unity Dash Border Thinner

Want to rid the Unity Dash of its thick grey border? Well you can - and here's how.

30 April 2012