Ubuntu 12.04 sports some significant improvements to multi-monitor support – both under and above the hood.

But one aspect of how the final implementation will work is still being considered, as John Lea of the Ubuntu Design Team explains: –

“As part of our work to improve the multi-monitor experience, we are looking into whether users would prefer to have a Launcher on every screen, or only on one screen.”

To help the Design Team gather user feedback on which of the two suggested approaches users prefer to see as default we’ve prepped two questions for you to answer. Your votes will help the team in making their decision on whether to include multi-monitor launchers or not.

Do note that the questions asked below are unrelated to the pointer-edge hold behaviour when passing between screens – this will be toggleable.

Shape Ubuntu

So it’s over to you; you have the chance to help shape Ubuntu 12.04 by answering the two questions below.

Note that votes are limited to one person per IP per poll question. Both questions will close in 4 days time.

Make sure you answer both questions.

The first question is simple: are you a multi-monitor user or not?:

The next question, regardless of whether you use it or not, would you prefer to see a launcher on each monitor connected, or only one on your primary monitor?

That’s it!

If you’re a multi-monitor user feel free to share you opinions, tips and set-up details in the space below.

Thanks to John & Sian

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