Ubuntu’s Community manager Jono Bacon turned 33 today.

As one of the most ‘well known‘ faces in the Ubuntu and wider free-software/open-source community, many people will head over to Jono’s Amazon Wishlist to gift him an item or two in celebration.or

But this year he says don’t.

Charity Rocks

See, instead of receiving the usual inflatable guitars, novelty underwear, and PS3 games, Bacon has asked that folks give something that’s more in keeping with the ethos of Ubuntu and Open-Source: a charity donation.

…as I get older there are fewer and fewer things I actually want. The other day I found myself struggling to update my Amazon wishlist, realizing that I generally have most of the things I want in life, and I was merely picking things for sake of picking things.

Being the altrusitic chap he is he’s set up a charity fundraiser in aid of the international non-governmental organisation (NGO) ‘Save The Children’.

Save The Children ‘promote children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries,’ – a choice that Jono acknowledges might have something to do with his own impending parenthood.


Whether you want to chuck in $1 or $10, everything helps.

You’ll find all the details (including links to the Save the Children website) by hitting the button below.

[button size=”medium” color=orange url=”http://www.crowdrise.com/jonobaconbirthday”] Jono Bacon’s Birthday Fundraiser [/button]

Birthday Cake Photo Courtesy of Christian Johnson

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