I’m a big, big fan of super small command-line scripts, apps and tricks — from getting a colourful weather forecast to managing my Feedly subscriptions.

So, naturally, when I came across the following little script that teaches you a new word in each new terminal session, I couldn’t resist mentioning it.


Sudocabulary — such a wonderful name — aims to help broaden your English vocabulary by teaching you a new word (and its meaning) each and every time you open your Terminal app of choice.

It does little more than this but it doesn’t need to.

It’s ideal if you’re learning English as a second language or worry that you have a limited English vocabulary. Advanced (and native) English speakers may find the word array a little on the limited side, with the majority of words in the list being somewhat common in the native vernacular.

To install it you can run the following command which will download a script containing a (rather large) list of words and their definitions, and set it to print one at random, with each new terminal session you launch.

curl | bash

When you’re done with Sudocabulary you can delete it by going to the .bashrc in your ~/Home folder and expunging the reference to the .vocab file inside (you can also delete this file from your home folder, too).

Got a Terminal-based script, tip or trick of your own that you think other readers would find useful? Let me know about it using the ‘Submit News’ form in the masthead!

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