font change on ubuntu

The desktop is the one part of the operating system we interact with most often, but we all use them in different ways.

Some of you may have app shortcuts strewn across a badly cropped wallpaper. Some of you keep things neatly organised in clearly labelled folders  impressive minimalism.

Everyone’s desktop looks different, no matter the OS. But on Linux the ‘difference’ can be as subtle as a panel drop-shadow or as drastic as an entirely new desktop shell!

Whatever you use, and however you use it, we want to see your desktops. 

Is your Ubuntu desktop clean and lean, or obscene and rarely seen?

Does it sport a custom conky, interesting icon set and gorgeous GTK theme? Or is it stock Ubuntu with a slightly different wallpaper? Maybe you use a custom MATE desktop panel set-up, or uses a duo of docks stretched across multiple monitors?

However it looks, snap a screenshot of your desktop and share it with us in the comments section below.

The only entry requirement is that you are running Ubuntu (sorry Gentoo/Arch readers) or an Ubuntu-based flavor (e.g, Linux Mint, elementary, Lubuntu) and that your desktop wallpaper and/or any files on show are not NSFW (yes, even if your wallpaper is my face Gimp’d on the body of a Calvin Klein model).

A few other tips:

  • Ubuntu comes with a screenshot tool pre-installed. Just search for “screenshot” in the Dash/app menu
  • If you want to watermark or annotate your desktop use a tool like Shutter, which has an editing canvas built-in.
  • Open a nautilus window if you want to show off your GTK/icon theme
  • If you make heavy use of Synapse (or related app launcher) make sure you put it on show
  • Upload your screenshots using Imgur or by uploading them directly to Disqus
  • We will manually approve every comment that has a media attachment.
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