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We asked our Facebook fans what they’re doing to share Ubuntu, turns out quite a bit

Last weekend I posted a status update on our OMG! Ubuntu! Facebook page asking our fans to leave a comment with their Ubuntu success stories. A few dozen comments later and we had a nice collection of some stories, everything from people converting their parents to also people replacing Windows XP with Ubuntu on aging school computers in their local community.

10 February 2011
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One click could help the HeliOS project grab a grant

The non-profit HeliOS Project - which refurbishes old computers (with Linux) to give to disadvantaged kids in Austin and the Central Texas - has the chance to grab some much needed funding. And all you need to do to help is click a "Like" button.

1 February 2011

Days 3 and 4 of #LCA2011; rockets, balloons, Linus Torvalds

Days three and four of LCA2011 have passed, and now we are almost halfway through the fifth day, Friday. The past couple of days have been quite interesting, with many very cool talks, two social events in the evenings and I got lucky enough to spend some time with Linus Torvalds!

28 January 2011

Day 2 of #LCA2011 in photos (gallery)

Day two of has been and gone, with highlights for me being Vint Cerf's keynote, the RoboCup talk and a 40 minute interview with Jeff Waugh over lunch. Click through for day two's gallery of photos from LCA2011.

25 January 2011
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Robots running on Linux compete in RoboCup [#LCA2011]

I'm currently sitting in a very interesting and unique talk about the University of New South Wales and their Computer Science RoboCup team. Robocup, which you may have heard of, is an international competition where teams build and program fully autonomous robots to play a game of soccer.

25 January 2011
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#LCA2011 – Thinking of starting a small business? Check out these principles

Arjen Lentz is currently giving a talk at entitled "Creating the Business you want." At the beginning of his talk he handed out a sheet of A4 with 10 principles Lentz believes small companies should stick to when starting out.

24 January 2011
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#LCA2011 How does one create a sustainable open source business?

Open source can provide an excellent foundation for building businesses, as we've seen from many companies past and present. But how does one utilize the tools and benefits of Open Source to create a successful business model and a sustainable company?

24 January 2011

Everything you need to know about 2011

I'm sure you've heard about it, but do you really know what it is, why it exists and why you should care? In this article I try to answer three questions: What is, what happens there, and why should you care?

20 January 2011
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Banshee: Video, TV shows, Windows and hackfest, oh my!

From deep in Hanger 18, your reporter is proud to bring you some exclusive Banshee goodies. Read on for more information...

17 January 2011
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The truth about Banshee’s photo support

"Will Banshee support Photo management?" This is a common question both in the comments here but also in my private mails so I thought I would address it on OMG! Ubuntu! as my first editorial on the site.

10 January 2011
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New year… and we’re back

Yesterday was a barren post day due to most of us recovering from the extremes of new year partying. Sobriety now a given, it's back to work for us.

2 January 2011
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‘Single window’ GIMP release delayed – but why?

GIMP 2.8, a.k.a. 'the one with single window mode', won't see release on December 26th as planned. But why? Read on to see.

29 December 2010