I’m a big fan of the Indicator-Weather project so I was extremely excited to see that one of their developers, Panagiotis Skintzos, has incorporated aspects of my own design into a vala-port.

Ace stuff! But there’s something that is bugging me, as a user, about the layout of the “new” Indicator-Weather and the design to which its working (below) and that’s the ‘other places’ forecasts.

I just don’t trot around my country enough to warrant the need to see the weather in other locations directly in the menu. I click on the indicator to see information pertaining to me locale; whether it’s going to rain later; etc. Currently users have to open a separate window to see a ‘forecast’ beyond the immediate.

Were the indicator to use automatic location detection – as we suggested previously – the need to manually change locations would be moot anyway.

Celsius Clones

There’s also the issue of duplication of information in the current port: Athens is listed twice, as is the temperature , the pictogram, etc. I’m more concerned with the weather in my immediate vicinity than that of the weather 400 miles away.

Unsure if this was just a personal preference I asked some OMG! Ubuntu! readers which of the following two mock-ups they preferred and why.

The reaction was almost unanimously in favour of version 1, with the general consensus being: –

  • “I don’t care what the weather is like in some place where I’m not.”

Would you prefer one-click to see a quick forecast over-view for the coming week on your own location or one-click to see the weather in a variety of other locales? Perhaps you want neither and think they should be made optional.

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