Has Natty’s new-look Ubuntu One Control Panel raised the standard of how applications should look on the Ubuntu desktop?

Reader Romeo Calota thinks so. He stopped by our inbox to share his 2¢:

“The new Ubuntu One interface is just awesome, and somehow it feels that the rest of the Ubuntu applications just aren’t up to par with its slick interface.”

And it’s easy to see his point. The new-look Ubuntu One Control Panel is a perfect example of an application that has not only been designed to look good but actually work better in doing so.

Admittedly the unified effect is lost somewhat when using a theme other than Ubuntu’s default:

Other apps

So how would other applications look if they had a deeper ‘Ambiance’ make-over? Romeo crafted together some mock-ups to help demonstrate his point: –

Firefox 4 already rocks out with a similar look: –


Like? Loathe? How do you think the appearance of applications could be improved in Ubuntu? You can has comment below.

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