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Ubuntu Phone Now Has a Nifty, Native Photo Editing App

Ubuntu Phone finally has a photo editing app. Although early alpha quality, Instant FX for Ubuntu is already looking like an impressive app. And with so few native Ubuntu apps around, each one is truly appreciated. Now, […]

7 September 2016
adobe flash linux logo

Adobe Has Decided To Support Flash Player on Linux Again

Adobe has announced that it plans to start supporting Adobe Flash for Linux — 4 years after it abandoned Flash on Linux.

5 September 2016
clean ubuntu system

Essential Guide: 5 Simple Ways To Free Up Space on Ubuntu

When you need to free up space on Ubuntu here are 5 simple things you can do – from cleaning the apt cache to removing old kernels.

9 August 2016
gnome extensions tile

5 Brilliant GNOME Shell Extensions for Ubuntu Desktop

We’ve put together a list of best GNOME Shell extensions currently available as recommended by your fellow omg! ubuntu! readers. In June 2016 we asked reader to nominate their favourite GNOME extensions and, awesome folks that they […]

8 July 2016

Does the Ubuntu Web Browser Need a New Icon?

Ubuntu community member thinks the Ubuntu browser app icon is too similar to Apple's Safari. Should it be changed?

8 June 2016

What To Expect from Ubuntu 16.10

Last week saw planning for the Ubuntu 16.10 development cycle get underway last week as the Ubuntu Online Summit,

9 May 2016
covergloobus theme

CoverGloobus Is a Customizable Desktop Music Widget

Can remember a Linux app called CoverGloobus? You can't? That doesn't surprise me too much. But here's why you should check it out.

14 April 2016

Ubuntu Tablet Release Pushed Back? (Updated)

Bq has quietly pushed back the shipping date of its new M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet, which customers had been told would ship this week.

8 April 2016
keep calm use linux poster

You Don’t Need To Panic About ‘Ubuntu on Windows’

Up is now down, down is now left, and Microsoft is no longer evil — but are Linux lovers stuck in the past?

31 March 2016

Nautilus 3.20 Finally Fixes The Icon Zoom Issue

Nautilus 3.20 will include more icon zoom level options. Is that the sound of flaming torches I hear being extinguished?  The File manager plays such intrinsic role in the desktop. It’s almost like the glue that binds […]

25 February 2016

Abricotine Is a Stylish Desktop Markdown Editor for Linux

Abricotine is an open-source desktop markdown editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. It offers 'live' previews, text formatting and many other features.

20 February 2016
gnome 3.16 maps app

You Can Now Edit OpenStreetMap Info In GNOME Maps

GNOME Maps 3.20 will allow users to add and edit OpenStreetMap data for points of interest, such as businesses, restaurants and cafes.

14 February 2016