Textlines Indicator on Ubuntu

Are there chunks of text you regularly use? ASCII artwork you often send? Long terminal commands you traditionally type out in full?

Do you want an easy way to copy and paste frequently used text snippets into other apps?

If you do, check out Textlines Indicator.

Easily Find & Quickly Paste Text

Textlines Indicator is a small indicator applet for the Ubuntu Unity desktop. It lets you easily find and quickly copy small snippets of text, ready to paste in other apps.

Although it is a little bit like a clipboard manager it does not store or list clipboard history, meaning you won’t see a list of your most recently copied commands, snippets or files.

Instead, you decide which text snippets it shows by creating a small text file in your home folder. Inside this file you can stash any text, code of ASCII snippets you want to use elsewhere.

Then, when you next need to copy and paste one, click the icon in the menu bar. You’ll see a list of your text snippets. Click on the text snippet and the text is copied to the clipboard, read to paste into any other window.

Get Textlines Indicator

Download the utility from Github. Launch the applet by entering the extracted folder in a Terminal and running python textlines.py.

The applet “looks for a file ~/.textlines that contains lines of text you often use. It shows the lines in an indicator menu.” Clicking a line will add it to the clipboard, ready to Ctrl+V .”

Download Textlines Indicator from Github

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