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Monster Mega Mono News Update

The Mono 2.8 preview release created some stir in our comment section when it was announced with performance improvements and a new more efficient memory system. It was since released , and had a maintance […]

10 December 2010
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Banshee gets Jamendo support

While the core development team are busy working on core enhancements and ensuring a rock solid Banshee 2.0, new community extension developer dz0ny has provided initial Jamendo support.

16 November 2010
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Banshee OMG style, now with 100% more genre filtering

Since Joey scooped me by posting Alex Launis exellent Play Queue enhancement, I figured now the time has come to show off a 5 month old feature in Banshee. Yes.. 5 months old. Namely Alexander […]

24 October 2010
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Banshee now corrects your metadata automatically

We first reported on Oliver Dufoli's audio fingerprinting extension for Banshee back in mid-September. Now less than a month later I am happy to report that the extension has been merged into the Banshee Community Extensions and is functional.

7 October 2010