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Ubuntu One Indicator Applet Adds New Features

The unofficial - but totally awesome - Ubuntu One Indicator has been updated with a number of nifty new options and improved memory performance. The applet is useful for Ubuntu One users wanting a more detailed look at the status of their Ubuntu One account without having to open the Control panel application.

17 April 2012

Send to Ubuntu One Button – Neat, but Needed?

A web-based 'Send to Ubuntu One' button has been unveiled by the Ubuntu One team. The feature, which is still in development, allows you to insert a button on to your website that readers can click on to instantly deliver content to their Ubuntu One accounts.

12 April 2012
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New Look Login Screen for Ubuntu One App in Precise

The Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 12.04 has been remade in Qt - a move that hasn't found favour with everyone. But, development being development, the UI to the app has been tweaked again, adding graphics and colour to the previously pale set-up window.

8 March 2012

UbuntuOne Files Lands in Vodafone AppSelect Store

Vodafone have chosen to stock the Ubuntu One Files app in their custom Android app store "Vodafone AppSelect". The app store, which comes pre-loaded on Vodafone-branded Android mobiles across Europe, provides a range of applications that have gone through Vodafone's thorough app approval process.

20 February 2012
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Privacy Controls & Minor UI Tweaks Land in Ubuntu 12.04

With Ubuntu 12.04 edging closer to its developmental deadlines many of the more visual features and changes are beginning to land in updates. Many of the latest changes, highlighted below, were expected, having previously been highlighted in […]

7 February 2012
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Ubuntu One Online ‘Notes’ Feature To Be Removed in Feb

Committed users of the 'notes' feature on the Ubuntu One website will want to make a note of 'February 28th' - it's the date that the handy feature will be retired from the U1 web interface.

5 February 2012
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Ubuntu One Team Seeking Mac Dev

A new job listing from Canonical is seeking a Mac Software Developer to join the Ubuntu One engineering team. The opening, titled 'Software Engineer (client applications Mac/Windows)', will require applicants to have at least 5 years experience of developing on OS X, 'including knowledge of low level APIs (Filesystem, shell integration)', as well as experience in 'Python, C and Objective C'.

19 January 2012
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Updates Arrive for Ubuntu One Android App

Recent updates to the Ubuntu One Files application for Android have added some welcome features. You can now sign up for an Ubuntu One account within the application itself. Prior to this one had to use the Ubuntu One website.

16 January 2012
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Ubuntu One Files App Launches on iOS

The Ubuntu One Files app is now available to install from the Apple App Store. Ubuntu One Files gives on-the-go access to music, photos, files and folders stored in your Ubuntu One cloud.

5 January 2012
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Ubuntu One Launch Music Web Streaming

The Ubuntu One team have unveiled a new web streaming feature for the playback of stored music via a web browser. The feature, available to subscribers of the Ubuntu One Music package, is to compliment the […]

15 December 2011
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Logging into Ubuntu using Ubuntu One

Day 3 of the Ubuntu Developer Summit has kicked off, and one of the mornings sessions discussed the potential benefits of signing into Ubuntu using your Ubuntu Single Sign on ('Ubuntu One') account.

2 November 2011
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Ubuntu One Kills Bookmark Sync

Ubuntu One Bookmarks sync has been discontinued. The feature, which allowed users to sync their Firefox Bookmarks across Ubuntu systems via the Ubuntu One service, is no longer offered in Ubuntu 11.10.

17 October 2011