The Ubuntu One team have unveiled a new web streaming feature for the playback of stored music via a web browser.

The feature, available to subscribers of the Ubuntu One Music package, is to compliment the Android and iOS music streaming applications already available.

The web player can be accessed through the ‘Music’ tab on the Ubuntu One website dash.

music streaming in Ubuntu One

Plans for Ubuntu One Music start at $3.99/m for 20GB of online storage. The Android and iOS applications are available free of charge, but require a subscription plan to work.

Google Music Rival – Not Quite

A web based music player that plays back your music in the cloud – sounds a lot like Google Music, no?

Fortunately for the search giant – which in comparison offers the free uploading of 20,000 tracks that are accessible anywhere via any internet-enabled device or browser – Ubuntu One Music’s latest feature will only be music to the ears of those already subscribed to the service.

But the adding the feature is a step in the right direction for the service, albeit one that many Ubuntu One Music users had wished to find available from the start.

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