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Ubuntu Gone paper basket graphic

Ubuntu Gone: Deadline Sees All Ubuntu One Data Deleted

If you're yet to retrieve files stored on Ubuntu One, Canonical's zombified cloud storage service, you are pretty much out of time.

31 July 2014

Canonical Release New ‘Ubuntu One Downloader’ App

A new app has released by Canonical to help Ubuntu One users export their files to their desktop ahead of the service shutdown in July.

20 June 2014

Ubuntu One File And Music Services Axed, Here’s All You Need to Know

The Ubuntu One cloud storage and music store are being axed, Canonical has announced.

2 April 2014

Experiencing Ubuntu One Service Outage? You’re Not Alone (Updated)

A number of users are reporting issues with Ubuntu One, the cloud storage service provided by Canonical and installed by default on the Ubuntu desktop.

23 February 2014

Ubuntu One Gets New Unofficial, Cross-Platform Mobile App

A new application is aiming to help Ubuntu One users access their files on more platforms – including Ubuntu Touch.

16 December 2013

In-Dash Music Purchasing Proposed for Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu 13.04 wants to let users buy music from the Ubuntu One Music Store directly from the Dash - no web-browser transactions needed. But 'want' doesn't always 'get'.

2 April 2013

Cloud Service Dashboard Jolidrive Adds Support for Ubuntu One

Jolidrive, a dashboard for managing various online accounts including Dropbox and Google Drive, has added support for Ubuntu One.

26 March 2013

Ubuntu One Turning Off Tomboy Note Sync Late February

Tomboy note syncing through Ubuntu One will stop working at the end of February's, Ubuntu One have announced.

4 February 2013

New Sync Menu Added to Ubuntu 13.04 by Default

An update to the Ubuntu One desktop client in 13.04 has brought with it a new 'Sync Menu'. The panel-based menu provides quick access to common Ubuntu One service features, including an 'On/Off' toggle; list of recent transfers; and links to online information.

2 February 2013

Ubuntu One Music Store Plugin Dropped from Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu's default music player Rhythmbox won't ship with the Ubuntu One Music Store plugin in 13.04. Sounds like a bad move, but it's actually for the best...

18 January 2013

Ubuntu One Adds Photo Sharing Features

A 'Photos' feature was added to the Ubuntu One Web Dashboard earlier this month - but what does it offer?

29 December 2012

Official Ubuntu One Mac Client Leaves Beta

Despite the popularity of alternatives, Ubuntu One remains my go-to cloud storage/sync service. And good news for anyone who dual-boots Ubuntu with OS X is that the official Ubuntu Mac client has slipped out of beta and gone 'stable' in its 4.0 release.

20 December 2012