Ubuntu One Notes on the Ubuntu One Website

The ‘notes’ feature of the Ubuntu One web interface is to be removed.

From February 28th Ubuntu One users will no longer be able to read, edit or create notes online via the Ubuntu One web interface.

“We have looked at the improvements required and the resources needed to raise the overall quality of the notes web interface,” writes the Ubuntu One development team on the decision. “However, with everything that we have to work on in 2012, plus continuing to improve our core services, we just won’t be able to give it the attention it needs.”

the U1 Notes web interface

The feature removal will only impact on the Ubuntu One website itself. Note sync to Ubuntu One through Tomboy or similar applications will not be affected.

Not Ending on a Bum Note

From my seat in the peanut gallery I don’t think this ‘loss’ is too great; it’s better to have no feature than one that doesn’t work as well as it could, this sapping attention from potentially more productive endeavours by the development team.

That’s not to say I didn’t like (or use) it, but the notes feature was always a bonus feature of the online dashboard in my eyes; a handy extra that ‘might’ come in useful one day, but certainly not an integral part of why I use the Ubuntu One online dashboard.

Ardent ‘note heads‘ who require access to their notes from different locations/platforms are likely already using a dedicated solution such as Wunderlist, and casual users will be able to carry on using Tomboy with Ubuntu One sync as if nothing has happened.

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