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Ubuntu One Sync App Released for Windows

The official Ubuntu One desktop client for Windows has been has released. Ubuntu One is the cloud-storage service from Canonicalandinstalled by default in Ubuntu. All users are entitled to 5GB of free space, with additional […]

29 September 2011
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Unity Music Lens Adds Ubuntu One Music Store Searching

A recent update to the Music lens in Unity has added 'scope' for searching the Ubuntu One Music Store.

28 September 2011
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Ubuntu One For Windows Beta 2 Review

The second beta of Ubuntu One's native Windows client slipped out into the wild recently. As an avid user of the Ubuntu One cloud storage service I just had to try it out...

20 September 2011
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Interested In Developing Ubuntu One Apps? A Free Event Is Being Held to Help

Application developers keen to learn more about creating applications based on or using Ubuntu One APIs are being invited to a free event hosted by Ubuntu One developer Stuart Langridge.

23 August 2011
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Ubuntu One Music App Comes to iPhone

The Ubuntu One Music Streaming app for iPhone is now available for download.

15 August 2011
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Chalk for Android Lets You Create, Sync Notes with Ubuntu One

Note taking applications for Android are not hard to find. A search of the Android market returns "at least 1000 results". So when reader Rich sent a link to an Ubuntu One-syncing notes app called 'Chalk' I hoped it was a little different. Turns out it is.

12 August 2011
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Ubuntu One Hits One Million Users, Upgrades Free Storage to 5GB

Ubuntu One has increased the amount of free storage given to users of its basic plan from 2GB to 5GB. The upgrade will be applied to all user accounts on the basic plan, which has been renamed 'Ubuntu One Free'.

28 July 2011
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5 Ubuntu One improvements to look forward to

Ubuntu's cloud storage service 'Ubuntu One' has matured nicely over the last few cycles, but it won't be resting on its' laurels; there are plenty more improvements and features set to come. Courtesy of Shane Fagan, an 'Ubuntu One' developer who held a wonderful Ubuntu Open week session on the service, we learnt of some exciting new features planned for release over the next cycle or two...

11 May 2011
Nautilus Elementary After

Ubuntu One style Nautilus Elementary theme [Download]

It's no secret that I love the new look Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 11.04: it's slick, integrated and raises the overall sheen of the Ambiance theme in Ubuntu. DeviantArtist simplygreat likes it too. So much that he's created a simple 'hack' for Nautilus-Elementary that brings the style of the Ubuntu One Control Panel to the popular file-browser Nautilus-Elementary. More info and download link inside.

6 May 2011
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Try Ubuntu online before you download

For Ubuntu 11.04 Canonical will be offering a 'try before you download' test drive of Ubuntu in the cloud. Simply by signing into the cloud website with your Single Sign On account you can spend 15 minutes poking around the stock Ubuntu desktop to see what all the fuss is about. Ahead of that launch, tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday, Canonical are running a 'live open trial' for 24 hours in order to ensure everything scales, works and runs well.

26 April 2011
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‘Ubuntu One Music’ Android app adds new features, support

The Ubuntu One Music application for Android has been updated with album art display, playlist editing/creation and support for the playback of .ogg and non-DRM iTunes tracks.

20 April 2011
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Five neat Unity Lenses in development

Following on from recent posts covering neat new 'Lenses' for Unity - visually slick ways to access information via the Ubuntu 11.04 desktop - I thought it time for a quick round-up of the most interesting lenses currently in development.

4 April 2011