The Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 12.04 has been remade in Qt – a move that hasn’t found favour with everyone.

Part of the reason was down to the look of the application. The deliciously dark GTK framing that made for a unique looking application has been replaced with an austere looking Qt interface that has more in keeping with the web and Windows interfaces for Ubuntu One than the OS it’s actually being used on.

But, development being development, the UI to the app has been tweaked again, adding graphics and colour to the previously pale set-up window.

Ubuntu One Qt

Sadly, once one has logged in to the service, the odd looking and out-of-place stylings that caused many to ask “Geesh, really?” are still present:

Ubuntu One Qt

But with the front door of the app now polished into something presentable perhaps there’s hope for the interior, too.

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