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An update to the Ubuntu One desktop client in 13.04 has brought with it a new ‘Sync Menu’.

The panel-based menu provides quick access to common Ubuntu One service features, including an ‘On/Off’ toggle; list of recent transfers; and links to online information.

In keeping with a design decision introduced in Ubuntu’s previous release, the Sync Menu will only appear if an Ubuntu One account has been set-up.

Don’t use Ubuntu One? That doesn’t mean you might not use it. Ubuntu One may be supported by default, but other ‘cloud’ services, like Dropbox and podcast downloaders , are mentioned in the design spec for the indicator.

One thing the menu isn’t designed to do is monitor all downloads; it’s not a ‘download menu’. Torrent apps, browser downloads, etc are all outside the scope of the utility.

Teased in 12.10

The indicator was originally targeted for inclusion in Ubuntu 12.10. And although it did find a place on the desktop for a few weeks it was pulled before release due to a lack of testing.

By landing the menu in 13.04 early developers are hoping to avoid this problem.

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