ubuntu1-Tomboy note syncing through Ubuntu One will stop working at the end of February’s, the Ubuntu One team have announced. 

The change will mean that new notes added to Tomboy after this date won’t sync to Ubuntu One, nor will existing notes ‘restore’ on a new installation.

Why will it stop working?

Last year Ubuntu One began to roll out a number of infrastructure changes designed to improve performance of the service.

These changes resulted in many niche features, such as Facebook contacts import and an online notes app, discontinued. Their resources needed to maintain/port them on new infrastructure wasn’t justified given their low usage among Ubuntu One users.

Tomboy Sync meets this same fate, with an ‘upcoming database change’ being the catalyst for its cessation, with the ‘high costs’ involved in running the notes sync in its current state as another factor.

But the story doesn’t end here – at least not yet.

Ubuntu One developers say that they are ‘contacting the Tomboy developers to help them support our new APIs which utilizes our new U1DB data sync service.’ 

Although this ‘contact’ offers little in way of guarantee that Tomboy sync will return to Ubuntu One, it is great to see the Ubuntu One team trying to get it back despite only a ‘small number’ of folks making use of it.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for an Ubuntu One-friendly syncing alternative try Nitro tasks – available free from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Nitro Tasks on Ubuntu Software Center

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