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Ubuntu One’s desktop clients appear to be affected

 A number of users are reporting issues with Ubuntu One, the cloud storage service provided by Canonical and installed by default on the Ubuntu desktop. 

Reports posted on social media sites claim intermittent sync support and authentication errors being thrown when trying to access the service. Both with the desktop clients on Windows, Linux and Mac, and the web-based interface, are said to be affected.

My own attempt to connect to the service through the Mac client throw up a ‘file sync error’. Based on tweets issues first began to appear as far back as February 18, though the majority of those mentioning issues have only done so in the last few days.

Several bug reports have been opened on Launchpad noting the issues.

It’s not yet clear just how far-reaching the current crop of service issues is. It certainly seems that a decent % of users are affected based on those who replied to a tweet we made earlier.

Ubuntu One Issue
Service Outage Issues Are Affecting Some, But Not All, Users

Canonical’s cloud-storage service, which enables synchronising and sharing of files on all major mobile and desktop platforms, has been included in Ubuntu since 2009. It offers 5GB of free space to all users, with further space available for a monthly fee.

Update 1:

Ubuntu One developer Martin Albisetti has since tweeted us to say that the service should be ‘back to normal soon’:

H/t to Rami Selin 

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