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Oops! Walmart Website Pimps Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 10 Listing

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Darren Shipp spotted something a little off when browsing the Walmart website recently: Ubuntu Touch for Tablets.

1 July 2013

Think You Saw Unity In Last Night’s Doctor Who?

Put your hands up if you think you spotted Ubuntu's Unity desktop being used during Doctor Who's most recent episode...

31 March 2013

Ubuntu Powered Promo Booth? You Bet [Ubuntu In The Wild]

Every day we walk past and interact with machines that run Linux, without ever noticing. But every now and then these machines go wrong, and their underlying OS is exposed for all to see...

29 March 2013

[Ubuntu In The Wild] Unity In Use By Norwegian Military

In an article on Norway's cyber warfare effort over on Norwegian IT site, Ubuntu's Unity desktop is clearly visible in one of the accompanying photos. So much for people not using it, eh?

26 March 2013

Is Ubuntu Powering Wii U Demo Booths?

Have you played on an in-store demo unit of the Wii U recently? If so there's a good chance you were actually playing a game on Ubuntu...

28 November 2012

Stephen Fry: “I Use Ubuntu”

Stephen Fry is more than just a a revered actor, writer and comedian: he's also an Ubuntu user. The actor confirmed his choice of Linux distro in a pre-recorded interview for the OggCamp 12 event, held last week in London

27 August 2012

A Wine Named Ubuntu (No, Really)

We've seen Ubuntu Cola, Ubuntu car license plates, and even Ubuntu crop circles. But a wine? That's new to me The familiarly-named beverage was produced in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by Portuguese wine makers Niepoort as part of celebrations making the then World Cup host nation of South Africa.

12 August 2012

Ubuntu Shaped Crop Circles Appear in Italy

A number of Ubuntu-shaped crop circles have begun appearing in wheat fields belong to Joseph Fasciana's family. Many of the designs (for there are more than one) span between 600 to 800 square meters.

3 July 2012
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Ubuntu In The Wild… As a Car Numberplate

We like looking at 'Ubuntu' cropping up 'in the wild' - whether they're related to the OS of the same name or not. The following instance (or should that be inst-agram-ance) falls into this latter category.

21 April 2012
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Ubuntu in The Wild: Huffington Post

One of the internets more popular news sites - The Huffington Post - recently ran a feature on the 'Ten best Jobs in the US'. Their list included a number of technology-orientated roles including 'Computer Systems' and 'Software Engineer' - the former of the former of which shows Ubuntu in the role.

16 April 2012
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Microsoft-Sponsored Games Dev Site Pimps Ubuntu

We like covering spots of ‘Ubuntu in the wild’ – but even more so when it crops up in places you wouldn’t always expect. Today’s nod is from an article on the Microsoft-backed “Build New […]

11 April 2012
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Oodle, That Icon Looks Familiar…

We love keeping an eye on Ubuntu in public – especially when n when it’s not an intentional nod. Oodle, an online listings site for ‘buying, selling, and lending among one’s community’, powers the ‘Facebook […]

12 March 2012