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Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Lives On …in Anime!?

Unity is no longer the jewel in Ubuntu’s crown, but the much-loved desktop is still out there, sparkling. And I don’t mean on computers, but in anime!

13 January 2020
Ubuntu on a Dell XPS 13

A Forbes Writer Spent 2 Weeks Using Ubuntu, This is What He Thought…

It’s a tale as old as time: laptop user gets frustrated by Windows, tries Ubuntu, falls in love, and computes happily ever after… A classic love story — one Hollywood has yet to use as […]

20 July 2018

Meet the Astronaut AI that Runs on Ubuntu

Hey Siri, send apologies to Alexa and commiserations to Cortana because a brand new AI assistant is on the scene — and he’s quite literally out of this world! Meet CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile CompaniON). This free-floating […]

9 July 2018
omg! ubuntu in the wild

Ubuntu Spotted in ‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’

If you plan on renting a copy of Maze Runner: The Death Cure when it hits home media later this month, you may spot something familiar that’ll have you spitting your popcorn out. An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted […]

15 April 2018

Watch This Terrifying 13ft Robot Walk, Assisted by Ubuntu

Watch the moment that Ubuntu helps this terrifying 13ft bipedal robot stomp forward, signifying a bold leap for robotics and engineering.

3 January 2017
soli touch hack using ubuntu

How Ubuntu Is Helping To Give Computers A Sense of Touch…

Ubuntu is being used to help computers learn to touch…

7 October 2016
tesla ubuntu

Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Capabilities Demoed With Ubuntu

Ubuntu? In self-driving cars? What is this madness?!

7 September 2016

Ubuntu In The Wild: April 2016

You might not have noticed, but it's been a wee while since we last featured an 'Ubuntu in the Wild' spot.

1 May 2016

It Shouldn’t Surprise Me — And Yet It ALWAYS Does

Ubuntu has been around for ten years, and yet the world's most popular desktop Linux distribution still finds a way to surprise me.

2 April 2016

Ubuntu Shows Up in TV News Report on Robotics

If you’re a Brit of a certain age then you’ll associate ‘Newsround‘ with a warm, post-teatime feeling of childish abandon. Take a moment to wipe an imaginary spaghetti hoop off of your chin before you move […]

13 March 2014

From Mars Missions to Robotics Competitions: Latest ‘Ubuntu in the Wild’

As the popularity of Ubuntu has increased the novelty of seeing it "in the wild" has decreased — can these recent spots reignite excitement?

3 March 2014

Ubuntu Crops Up In Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Car Promo

Ubuntu and its XFCE-flavoured sibling Xubuntu both feature in the newest Mercedes Benz promo on YouTube. Unity’s familiar desktop layout can be seen at various points during the 2-minute spot that shows off the company’s […]

9 September 2013