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Ubuntu Ads Start Appearing Online

Official online advertising promoting Ubuntu has begun to appear online.

5 March 2012
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Ubuntu in the Wild: Google Krakow

It's hardly a secret that many Google employees use Ubuntu for their day-to-day work - but it's always nice to be reminded...

15 December 2011
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Ubuntu Adds Extra Glow to Nokia’s Public Lumia 800 Event

Yesterday evening London’s iconic Millbank tower became the canvas upon which an awe inspiring light show took place. The 387 ft tall building was painted, warped and transformed by an array of lights and sound […]

29 November 2011
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Ubuntu 11.04 Makes PCWorld ‘Best of 2011’ List

Ubuntu 11.04 has been listed as one 2011's 'standout hardware, software, or services' by PCWorld. The Natty Narwhal ranks in at '82', placing above Android 3.0 'Honeycomb' (83), Facebook's new timeline (87), and the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook (100).

3 November 2011
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Would You Get an Ubuntu Tattoo Like This?

As the editor of an online Ubuntu website it'd be fair to surmise that i'm fairly committed to the Ubuntu project. But committed enough to get the Ubuntu logo tattooed on to my arm?

21 October 2011

Well That’s One Way to Pimp Ubuntu…

I love, love, love seeing Ubuntu crop up in unexpected places - and if I still lived in Lincoln I would certainly find the following unexpected...

5 October 2011
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The Legendary Ubuntu Cola – Now Available From Waitrose

Have you tried an Ubuntu cola? It might sound like an odd question, but if you're British, Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian, Irish or French then there's every possibility you have...

30 August 2011
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[Ubuntu In the Wild] Knitted Ubuntu Hat

Let it be know that Icelandic reader Gudmundur has one very awesome wife....

29 August 2011

HTC make nice phones and use Ubuntu

They make some of the most beautiful handsets on the market and, judging from a recent YouTube promo video, their developers also use use Ubuntu internally.

18 March 2011