Stephen Fry is more than just a a revered actor, writer and comedian: he’s also an Ubuntu user. 

The actor revealed his choice of Linux distro in a pre-recorded interview for the OggCamp 12 event, held last week in Liverpool, UK.

The annual 2 day OggCamp conference celebrates ‘free software’ and ‘free culture’.

‘Ubuntu Is The Friendliest’

Asked whether or not he used Linux on any of his devices Fry replied:

Do I use Linux on any of my devices? Yes – I use Ubuntu these-days; it seems the friendliest.

Fry’s choice of Linux distro won’t come as a surprise to many who are familiar with the actor’s views on copyright, and digital culture. He has long been a vocal advocate of the open-source philosophy, famously staring in an online video to celebrate the 10th birthday of GNU/Linux. 

But Linux is not his only love when it comes to technology.  The ‘Hobbit’ actor is also a well known fan of Apple. In the interview with OggCamp he touches on the ‘worry’ he has over the ‘walled garden’ approach the company are taking:

Sometimes I do worry that [Apple] are a bit tyrannical and a bit silly

Alongside his OS choice, Fry talked about his journey with computers – from his first BBC Micro, and early dabbles in programming; to why he feels the uptake of Linux has been somewhat slow.


The full 16 minute interview with Stephen Fry  can be found below.

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