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Being a 90s child, this is my overriding Aardvark reference

Has the Ubuntu 17.10 codename been accidentally revealed? 

Maybe — but also-very-much-possibly-maybe-not.

But before we speculate any further I need you to go to your kitchen to grab some salt (a large pinch should do fine).

Ready? Let’s continue…

Acrobatic Aardvark

So far we have a very good reason to believe that the Ubuntu 17.10 codename will use the initials AA.

After all, looping back to fill in the letters the Ubuntu codenames missed out first time around makes sense (and gives lazy  baby book authors a full A-Z of animals to pillage from in future).

But we don’t know which adjective, or which animal, the codename will comprise of.

Or do we?

Spied in a mailing list post (thanks Alex M!) on whether/when Ubuntu should drop aptdaemon from the archives, Canonical’s Barry Warsaw signs off with this possible tease of a potential codename:

Let's try to drop aptdaemon from Ubuntu in Acrobatic Aardvark.

Now, caveats and caution apply here.

While this could be the Ubuntu 17.04 codename revealed early and in a slightly underwhelming fashion, it could equally be a case of a developer filling in the blanks assumptively for fun and/or to add a bit of colour to his post.

Personally, I lean towards the latter.

It is tradition for Mark Shuttleworth to reveal the name himself, on his blog, in a semi-alliterative adjective-filled aspirational amble. Few people besides Mark tend to know the name before it’s announced, much less reference it ahead of time in mailing list posts.

Would you be happy to run the Acrobatic Aardvark? What would you name the release if you could? 

Thanks Alex M!

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