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Skype for Linux 4.2 Released With Much Needed Bug Fixes

Skype has released an updated version of its Linux client, bringing with it bug fixes, tweaks and a few new features...

21 May 2013
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Microsoft Ask Ubuntu To Remove Skype Icon From System

It's sayonara to a Skype icon few users have actually seen. Yes, it's time for an oddball bug fix.

24 April 2013
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Latest Firefox, Thunderbird & Skype Releases Arrive in Ubuntu

Several updated versions of popular applications are now available to install in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10. Skype 4.1, Thunderbird 17, and Firefox 17 are all waiting to be installed via Ubuntu's Update Manager.

22 November 2012
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Skype for Linux Adds Windows Live Login, Goes Multi-Arch

Microsoft have released an updated version of Skype for Linux. Skype 4.1 brings a new look login screen with support for Windows Live login.

15 November 2012

‘Skype Wrapper’ for Ubuntu Gets Updated

The best (and easiest) way to integrate popular chat app Skype with Ubuntu is to use Skype-Wrapper. And as it's just been updated there's no better time to try it out.

17 September 2012
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Latest Skype Release Added to Ubuntu Software Center

Skype have been dutifully updating their Linux client over the last few months but, until today, Ubuntu users had to manually download and install the latest package from Skype's website. But now a new upstream release of Skype - though not the most recent - has been added to the Ubuntu Software Center.

29 July 2012
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Skype Release Bugfix Update

A new hotfix update to the Skype Linux client has been released that aims to fix numerous bugs. This is the third update to the Linux client this year. Last month saw the app lose beta status and bag a boatload of new features.

17 July 2012
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Skype For Linux Loses Beta Tag, Hits 4.0

After more than 3 years in development Skype for Linux has shaken off its beta tag and made a substantial new release. Bumping the app version from 2.2 all the way to 4.0, Skype have nicknamed the release 'Four Rooms for Improvement,' becasue, they say, that this release 'finally [fills] the gap with our other desktop clients and we are now making many of the latest Skype features, as well as a lot of UI improvements, available to our penguin lovers.'

14 June 2012
Skype Wrapper 0.6 Adds New Quicklist Options

Skype-Wrapper Adds Call Actions, Notification Fixes, Ubuntu 12.04 Support

A new stable release of Skype-Wrapper is available for download. Skype-Wrapper is a small third-party 'plugin' that integrates many of Skype's features directly into the Ubuntu desktop. This includes support for Ubuntu's Messaging Menu, notification system and Unity launcher.

16 May 2012
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Skype Release Minor Bugfix Update for Linux Client

It lives! Skype have issued a small bugfix update to the static package of their Linux client.

14 May 2012
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Skype for Linux ‘Not Dead’

After Microsoft's aquisition of Skype - the worlds most popular VoIP application - many users had assumed that it marked the beginning of the end for the clients' life on Linux. But, in an attempt to assuage fears, Skype have given a short statement on their position...

11 May 2012
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Skype-Wrapper Gets a PPA for Easy Installation

Handy Skype plugin 'Skype-Wrapper' is now available to install from its own PPA. The tool helps to integrate popular VoIP client Skype with the Ubuntu desktop.

25 November 2011