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Skype Wrapper Adds Unity Features, Menu Avatars and Extra Settings

Skype Wrapper, the third-party Skype plugin that integrates the VoIP client into Ubuntu, has been updated for the second time in less than week.

13 November 2011
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Skype Messaging Menu Plugin Gets Updated

Skype Wrapper, a third-party plugin that integrates VoIP client Skype with Ubuntu's Messaging Menu, has been updated with a handful of new features.

10 November 2011
Skype in the Ubuntu messaging Menu

[How To] Add Skype to The Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Want Skype in the Ubuntu Messaging Menu? Here's how...

30 October 2011
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[How to] Enable tabbed conversations in Skype for Linux

There's no question that tabbed interfaces - be they in a web browser or chat application - help to streamline multitasking and window management. VoIP application Skype, seemingly seeing the benefits of such interfaces, recently introduced 'all-in-one' windows into their Windows and OS X clients. Skype for Linux on the other hand still sports the traditional multi-window interface. Enter SkypeTab, which enables tabbed conversations in Skype on Linux

10 June 2011
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Skype crashed today? Here’s a fix

Many Ubuntu users have been experiencing a bizarre crash issues with VoIP service Skype today whereby the application crashes then fails to start again. Reader Dipish hunted down a fix and mailed it in to share with you folks.

26 May 2011
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Microsoft will ‘invest and support’ Skype on non-Microsoft platforms

Microsoft have pledged to 'invest in and support' Skype builds on non-Microsoft platforms, the company has confimed.

11 May 2011
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Microsoft purchasing Skype – what could this mean for Linux?

Microsoft are close to sealing a $8.5 billion deal to acquire internet-telephony service Skype, according to allthingsd. But what would this mean for the Linux client? We guess nothing - which isn't exactly anything new...

10 May 2011
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How to Add and control Skype via the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

A day or two back we ran a nifty how-to feature on controlling Skype from your instant messaging application in Ubuntu 11.04. This approach integrated your Skype contacts into your Empathy or Pidgin buddy list, but also told you how to 'hide' the lurid green icon from the system tray. Whilst many of you found this a neat tip a number of you weren't so keen to give up easy access to Skype itself and sought something a little less final - such as adding Skype to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu.

20 April 2011
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Run Skype as a daemon and manage it from Empathy or Pidgin in Ubuntu 11.04

Gzap stopped by the OMG! Ubuntu! inbox to drop off a tip that unifies Skype and Empathy; by installing the pidgin-skype plugin from the Ubuntu Software Centre you can manage your Skype contacts from the buddy-list of Ubuntu's default IM client Emapthy.

18 April 2011
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New Skype beta for Linux improves call quality, adds Skype Access

A new beta release of internet telephony application Skype is available. And about time too, eh?

6 April 2011
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How to control Skype from Docky

Managing your Skype chats and controlling you Skype status with Dock application 'Docky' is simple.

27 March 2011

How to Enable System Tray Applets in Ubuntu 11.04

Can't live without Shutter/Dropbox/Opera/insert-other-app-here sitting in Natty's system panel? Quick fix ahoy.

15 March 2011