Updated versions of several popular desktop applications are ready to install in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10.

Skype has been bumped up from version 4.0 to the new ‘Windows Account-toting’ 4.1.

Along with improved call quality and a new login screen you can now login using your Hotmail or Windows Live account.

For more details on the Skype update see our previous post: Skype for Linux Updates, Add Windows Live Login, Multi-Arch Support

Mozilla Apps

The latest releases of Firefox web browser and Thunderbird, both Ubuntu’s default apps, are also ready for upgrading.

Firefox 17 introduces a new ‘social API’ that can be connected to Facebook Messenger, letting you see notifications, messages and chat to contacts from any website.

Other changes introduced include sandboxed security on iFrames; ‘click to play’ warnings on out-dated plugins, and larger icons in the ‘Awesome Bar’.

Firefox’s e-mail sibling Thunderbird adds a new menu button (familiar in style to that used in Google Chrome), though its introduction doesn’t affect the App Menu. 

Elsewhere there are crash fixes, performance tweaks, and a properly functioning spell check.


No download button needed to get any of these releases: just open the Update Manager/Software Updater to upgrade to them.

In the case of Skype you will need the Ubuntu Partner Repository enabled.

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