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Natty sound menu adds microphone slider for Skype calls

Bid a fond farewell to faint false-starts in your Skype calls: Ubuntu 11.04 has added a microphone level slider to the Ubuntu Sound Menu.

6 March 2011
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SkypeKit Launch Could bring Skype video calling to your favourite apps

Skype’s launch of a new Software Development Kit that offers both software and hardware developers the ability to integrate Skype functionality into their own applications and devices promises to bring a big boon to Linux […]

23 June 2010
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Skype in Lucid Repository

Sharp eyed reader Papukaija sent us a tip that Skype has been added to the Lucid Partners repository. While we can’t be too hasty in assuming what that means about the rumors about Skype going […]

25 May 2010
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Skype 2.1 Beta 2 For Linux Released

The second beta of Skype 2.1 has been released for Linux, bringing with it features that have been present in the Windows and Mac builds for well over a year – as noted by the […]

20 January 2010
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Skype For Linux To Be Open-Sourced [updated]

Skype is going to be open-sourced! I won’t dwell too long on this as you can check the full post on Slashdot via Olivier Faurax’s blog post. Whilst asking about a Skype package for some […]

2 November 2009
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New Version Of Skype Released For Linux

Skype 2.1 Beta was released for Linux yesterday brining with it a host of new and improved features ” including PulseAudio support! The last version of Skype for Linux was released over a year ago, […]

28 August 2009