skypeMirroring the quality of my laptop’s microphone, Skype has quietly pushed out an update to their Linux client this week.

Version of the perennially popular VoIP app may only feature a small set of bug fixes, but all will go some way to enhancing the performance and call quality on Linux.

It builds on the last major update, version 4.2, which was released back in May last year.

According to a change log posted on the official support forums you can look forward to the following:

  • Workaround for PulseAudio 3.x and 4.x audio noise issues
  • Bug fix for crash when opening a chat with non-existent emoticon
  • Bug fix for errant crash on Ubuntu/Debian 64-bit owing to missing libasound2-plugins:i386 dependency
  • Bug fix for some dialpad numbers not working properly

Skype is a free download and available to Ubuntu users in the form of a multi-arch .deb installer. To get it, or to find more information on their Linux support, hit the button below.

Download Skype for Linux

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