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Skype Snap Gets First Update in 6 Months, Plus a New Icon

The Skype Snap app has been updated for the first time in six month. Additionally, the new version of the VoIP app debuts a new icon.

18 August 2019
Install and use Skype in Linux

Hey Microsoft, why is the Skype Snap app hopelessly outdated?

The official Skype Snap app for Linux has not been updated in nearly six months, and Microsoft is yet to say why. When introducing the cross-distro build in early 2018, the company said the Skype […]

9 July 2019
Install and use Skype in Linux

Want to Install Skype on Ubuntu? It’s Now Easier

Skype for Linux is available as a Snap app on the Snap store, making it easy to download and install Skype on Linux distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

1 February 2018
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Revamped Skype Desktop App Released

A colourful new Skype desktop client is rolling out. It features a number of visual changes and introduces some major new features, including @mentions.

30 October 2017
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Fix “This version of Skype is not supported” Error on Ubuntu

A number of Skype Linux users have been touch to say they get a 'not supported' error when trying to use the latest version. What's going on?

24 September 2017
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The Skype Redesign Everyone Hates Is Now Available on Linux

The ‘radical’ redesign of Skype that most of the internet seems to hate is now available on Linux — hurrah! But before you get anxious about upgrading I should say that the redesign is not […]

31 August 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu 17.10 Might Automatically Mute Music When Taking VoIP Calls

Ubuntu may re-enable a nifty feature in PulseAudio that pauses or mutes music and video when an incoming VoIP call is received. This feature, which is provided by a PulseAudio plugin called Cork, has been disabled […]

5 July 2017
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The Native Skype Linux App Will Stop Working July 1

If you use Skype 4.3 on Linux I've some bad news as Microsoft has said the Qt Skype Linux app will no longer work from July 1, 2017.

4 June 2017
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‘Next generation of Skype’ Unveiled, But Theres No Mention of Linux Support

Microsoft has unwrapped “the next generation of Skype”, a feature-packed update aimed at injecting youthful appeal into the venerable VoIP brand. Dubbed ‘new Skype’, Microsoft say the new version of Skype add more personalisation, more immediacy, and more intimacy […]

1 June 2017
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Pidgin 2.12 Released, Drops Yahoo, Facebook Messaging Support

Pidgin 2.12 has been released, and removes several messaging protocols that are no longer being maintained, including Yahoo! and Facebook.

13 March 2017
skype for linux alpha

Skype for Linux Beta Released with Cross-Platform Video Call Support

Skype for Linux Alpha is no more — say hello to Skype for Linux Beta! Yup, the Skype for Linux alpha has graduated to beta status and picks up some popular feature requests in the process. […]

1 March 2017
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Skype Say Linux App Will Work Past March 1 (For Now)

Skype has apologised for telling Linux users it was about to retire support for its Skype Qt client, assuring users the VoIP will continue to work for the near future.

14 February 2017